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DramaLabs is Storyline Media’s five-week intensive upskilling project for the Cast, Directors and Crew of our 26-episode family drama series, LETTA & CO.

DramaLabs is about telling stories in a particular way — through drama; it’s about meeting or exceeding international creative and production standards in digital filmmaking within the constraints of micro- to low- budgets; and we’re doing this in a very special place — Botswana.

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The “So what?” of LETTA & CO.

Letta & Co. is the:

  • first full-season (26-episode) drama commissioned by Btv;
  • first family drama produced for television in Botswana;
  • first drama series* produced in Botswana (see GENRE & FORMAT);
  • largest single creative project undertaken in Botswana, in any medium, employing and training more Batswana in key creative and production roles — both in front of and behind the camera — than any film or television narrative project to date.

No Soap - Pure Story *So far, in order of broadcast in Botswana, there have been four television dramas. Three of them, “Flat 101” (GBC), “Re Bina Mmogo” (Btv , edutainment) and “Morwalela” (PSI , edutainment) adhere to the soap opera format. The exception is “Thokolosi” (Btv), a fun and highly imaginative serial melodrama written, produced and directed by Norman Moloi.

Museum of Broadcast Communications: Soap Opera; Wikipedia: edutainment.


Letta & Co. — the story so far…

For Letta, the struggle to establish a small business — her pragmatic decisions, thoughtful management, and determination to keep on trying despite bruising and embarrassing mistakes — becomes a touchstone for her private and more fundamental struggles.

“You can’t quit. You’re the boss.”

Lefagare SketchbookDespite her own self-doubts and against the advice of her late husband’s family, almost-forty Letta takes her life savings, leaves city life in Gaborone, and partners with childhood friend and wildlife guide, Peter, to set up a small tourist camp in her home village of Lefagare…

The woman in white

Lefagare SketchbookAs Letta and company lay the foundation for their new enterprise Mma Mmutla, the primary hospital’s recently appointed matron, launches a proactive (and highly personal) campaign to get certain citizens of Lefagare to smarten up when it comes to, among other things, HIV/AIDS; nurse Gaone says she’s absolutely not in love; and young nurse Thabo tries to make things right with an elderly patient…

Meanwhile, back at the camp…

Lefagare Sketchbook…life is getting complicated: The ten hectares on which Letta’s built Marothodi Camp is, according to Peter, an “ecosystem!”; Barati, the cleaner, is bent on making her own dreams a reality; Keaogile, Letta’s oldest son, may not be so keen on taking over the “family” business; Neo, her teenage daughter, is, well, a teenage daughter; and then there’s little Bone

Lefagare Sketchbook

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Storyline Media — about us

Storyline Media is the corporate identity of the creative and production partnership of writer/producer Renée Gilbey and producer/director John Clement, based out of Gaborone, Botswana since 1994.

Media Development | Media for Development

TDF2 Crew

See our Portfolio.

We work in social issues, health and development media communications and the design and delivery of media development and training projects.

Across genres and formats, for Botswana and international audiences, we develop and produce well-crafted programmes rich in content.

We have a solid track record in:

  • drama,
  • documentary,
  • broadcast journalism,
  • social marketing, and
  • information and education.

Expertise and experience are in-house, hands-on. First, we think—then, we do. And we rarely work alone.

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Letta & Co. — the series

LettaGridThese days Storyline Media is all about Letta & Co., a 26-episode family drama series we’ve been commissioned to develop and produce for Botswana Television (Btv), for broadcast in 2011.

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Letta & Co. — the series: 26 Episodes / 39 Lead, Recurring, Supporting and Featured Roles — and that’s just the first round of auditions « Casting Call

Letta & Co. — the series: 26 Episodes / 39 Lead, Recurring, Supporting and Featured Roles — and that’s just the first round of auditions « Casting Call.

Opportunity Knocking: Talent Campus Durban


Talent Campus Durban Calls for Filmmakers and Film Critics

Superimposing an African imagination on filmmaking processes, the 5th Talent Campus Durban will ignite the creativity of 40 selected filmmakers from Africa in a series of masterclasses, workshops and industry networking opportunities during the Durban International Film Festival.  Talent Campus Durban entices filmmakers to enhance skills, develop collaborations and interface with the dynamic future of the film industry in Africa, and the world.

The five-day programme also includes the 2nd edition of Doc Station, where selected documentary projects submitted by accepted talents will be finessed and packaged for presentation within the DOC Circle at the 3rd Durban FilmMart. Two Doc Station projects won PUMA.Mobility and PUMA.Creative prizes adjudicated by Channel 4 BRITDOC at last year’s Durban FilmMarket.

Deadline for submissions: 15 March 2012


Independent Filmmaking in Botswana

Storyline partner John Clement‘s feature article in this month’s Lapaloga magazine

Djibril Diop Mambety

Filmmakers like Ousmane (dockworker, bricklayer and mechanic before he became a filmmaker) and Cissé (who started as an assistant projectionist, then as a cinematographer for the Malian Ministry of Information) set social and political agendas as well as craft and artistic standards for African film of which most Batswana “filmmakers” seem blissfully unaware.

Comments welcome.

2011 tvebiomovies competition is now open

This year’s tvebiomovies competition is now open and we are inviting proposals for short films from amateur film-makers around the globe.

Shortlisted entrants receive a US$ 300 budget to produce a finished film. The overall winners of each category will each receive US$ 1,500 in prize money and will have the chance to have their work screened at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban in December 2011.

There are five categories in the competition each examining different aspects of the environment: oceans, energy, water, forests and people living with nature.

This is the second year that tve is running the film competition and we want it to be even better than last year so we need you to help by sending us your proposals and spreading the word.

Enter the competition.

Visit www.tvebiomovies.org to find out more and submit an entry. The competition closes on 21 October 2011.